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Benefits of Staying in a Vacation Rental Instead of a Hotel

Anybody going on vacation wants to stay in a comfortable, clean and affordable place with excellent views. You can either stay in a hotel or book a vacation rental. While both have advantages, a vacation rental may be better for your next vacation. Here are the benefits of choosing your vacation rental over a hotel.

Lower prices

Hotels typically cost more than vacation houses, particularly when you book using third-party platforms. The cost of a hotel will be significantly higher if you have a large family that needs many hotel rooms or expensive suits.

Although not all vacation rentals are affordable, most have lower prices than hotel rooms of similar sizes. Also, cooking in a fully equipped kitchen at a vacation rental is cheaper than dining out at a hotel.

More privacy

Many other guests will stay in the hotel when you are there. That means you have less privacy and must be more guarded around people. However, in a vacation rental, only your group will be using the property. This will give you more privacy and freedom to do more activities.

Greater variety

One key objective of travelling is to discover new things and new experiences. On your next vacation, you may decide to explore new types of accommodation. Vacation rentals come in all shapes and forms, including cottages and villas. If you don't own a cottage but want to know what it’s like to live in one, you can book a cottage rental for a few days or weeks.

Better location

Most hotels are often located in commercial centres, near city centres, or next to highways. In contrast, vacation rentals are located in residential neighbourhoods. You can choose a neighbourhood that is near fast-food chains and freeways. Also, you may go to a neighbourhood with trendy restaurants and public parks.

Better amenities

Few hotels have private dryers and washers, billiard rooms and full-size refrigerators. However, these amenities are pretty standard in most vacation rentals. You will also have access to a fully equipped kitchen, provided you don't mind cleaning up the mess. Other unique amenities in a vacation rental include a backyard patio or front porch.

More space

When you book a hotel, your family or friends may be in different rooms, probably even on different floors or buildings. That makes it more challenging to get together for meals and outings. In contrast, everybody will be under the same roof in a vacation rental. You can have meals in one dining room and quickly organize family events.

Vacation rentals will also have an outdoor seating area where family or friends can spread out and enjoy each other's company. The family can also hang out in the private pool or see a movie in the family room. You can always go to your bedroom if you need some private space.

More freedom

A hotel has a specific schedule that guests have to follow. For instance, the hotel serves breakfast within a specific time frame. If you don't show up within that time, you will miss your meals. This provides less flexibility in organizing your day and your vacation.

The best part about a vacation rental is that you are in charge of organizing your schedules. You can have breakfast in the middle of the day or whenever you want. You also have more flexibility with check-in and check-out times.

If you're planning to visit Adelaide, a vacation rental may be your best accommodation choice. Strathalbyn Cottages is a rental accommodation in Strathalbyn, South Australia. Our property offers private accommodation with great views. Contact us today to book your stay.

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